WWI – Bedfordshire Training Depot in Ampthill Park – the Camp Diary, as reported in the local newspapers

From October 1914 two provincial newspapers regularly wrote about the Bedfordshire Training Depot – the Bedfordshire Standard, and the Ampthill & District News. The original broadsheets are part of the Bedfordshire & Luton Archive.

During 1915 war came to dominate the content of the newspapers, and a report about the Training Depot appeared most weeks. Many of the reports ran to a paragraph or two. However, some articles were far more extensive. A hundred years on the newspaper reports provide us with an insight into life in the Bedfordshire Training Depot (1914-1916).

Over the coming months I will re-publish the newspaper reports by month.The ‘Camp Diary’ will complete in November 2016 when we remember Tommy’s Footprints.

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