WWI – Bedfordshire Training Depot in Ampthill Park – Limited Edition Centenary Postcard

This special postcard commemorates the centenary of the WWI Bedfordshire Training Depot (1914-16). Limited edition: 500

Two years ago I came up with the idea of engaging people to remember the WWI volunteers who trained at the Camp in Ampthill Park, their service and the terrible loss of life. A third of these soldiers were killed and many more were wounded.

The project gathered pace and builds to November 2016 when a poignant art installation of 707 footprints will be stencilled in Ampthill Park – a pair for each soldier who did not return.

I have researched the Camp and gathered enough material to write a book. Please help to fund publication by buying an Ampthill Camp WWI Centenary Postcard. Book profits to benefit the charity Combat Stress which was founded in 1919 to help WWI veterans deal with shell shock.

Postcard £2 (inc p&p). Please email hartleyhare135@gmail.com to order by PayPal or BACS transfer.

©S.Hartley (2015-)


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