Tommy’s Footprints – Armistice Day 2016

On 11 November the Alameda Middle School gathered at The Cenotaph in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

Mrs Harvey (Head of History) read out the names of service men who lost their lives in the First World War who have a family connection to pupils or staff at the school. A bugle sounded “The Last Post” and more than 700 people observed the 2 minute silence in the woodland glade.

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It was a glorious Autumn day and so I visited Ampthill Great Park to see the Duke of Bedford Memorial and Tommy’s Footprints, and then onto the memorial in St. Andrew’s Churchyard.

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Please visit Ampthill Great Park (6-20 November) and see Tommy’s Footprints for yourself. In the days that follow Tommy’s Footprints will quietly fade into the ground, and disappear…

© S.Hartley (2015-)

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